D. W Posley Jr. – Healing Black Male Trauma For Better Digital Wealth Understanding

While a physical trauma may heal, the unaddressed emotional trauma may have more impact to future wellbeing. D. W Posley Jr. is on a mission to help youth understand and address emotional trauma so they can better themselves, and be in a better position to understand the challenges of digital wealth.

Show Notes:

Beyond Physical Wounds, Healing Black Make Trauma by John Rich

D.W. Posley Jr. LinkedIn page.

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Mackenzie Rohn: From HR to Employee Experience Designer

Mackenzie (Kamin) Rohn has the perfect blend of Human Resources and Design experience. In this conversation, we discuss an article about the week-in-a-life-of a “Chief of Employee Experience Design” (article link in Show Notes), Mackenzie’s experience in HR and Design, and important skills to practice to be the best Employee Experience Designer you can be. Enjoy!!

Visit Mackenzie at her portfolio and LinkedIn page

Portfolio Link: https://www.mackenziekamin.com/

LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mackenzie-kamin/

Show Notes:

The article we review is “Designing the Employee Experience: Who Designs for the Designer” by Chris Kiess. Link to the article is below.


The HRdesigncast Podcast is supported by, 360HRE. 360HRE is an employee experience design studio based out of Chicago, IL.

Stacey Hunt: The Candidate Side of the Recruitment Experience

Stacey Hunt has a background in HR, HR technology, HR research, account management and sales, working with some of the most well-known brands in the HR industry. In other words, Stacey is ready for the Future of Work!  

During our conversation, we discuss the state of relationship building within recruitment and an interesting blog post that gives you clues on, “knowing when to drop out of an interview process”.

The HRdesigncast Podcast is supported by, 360HRE. 360HRE is an employee experience design studio based out of Chicago, IL.

Show Notes:

“Knowing When to Drop Out of the Interview Process”

From: On the Balls of Our Asses


Two quick HR thoughts…

Here are two quick HR thoughts to think about as you start your week…

1: If you haven’t heard about the SAP purchase of Qualtrics…then you better research it because “experience management” is about to become the new normal of business, and part of that is Employee Experience.



2: Hear about aesthetic-usability effect and how you can use it in HR.

The aesthetic-usability effect refers to users’ tendency to perceive attractive products as more usable. People tend to believe that things that look better will work better — even if they aren’t actually more effective or efficient. Additional information found here.

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Go create amazing HR experiences!

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Nicole Dessain – HR Design Thinking Consultant and CEO at talent.imperative on Creativity in HR and Building HR Community

Nicole has a design superpower…she can connect the dots. Such as, connecting the dots between creativity and human resources.

As a former head of talent strategies and Top 5 management consulting firm executive with a rich history of bringing creative solutions and an entrepreneurial approach to elevating companies’ talent practices. Nicole has successfully quantified the value design thinking brings to organizations.

Nicole has worked with amazing companies over her 17-year career from giants like Accenture, Cisco, Comcast, Mercedes-Benz, BASF, UNIQLO and Walgreens to small but mighty organizations like Grubhub, Arity (an Allstate tech spin off), IDEO, DisruptHR, Farmer’s Fridge, i.c.stars and NBA’s Orlando Magic.

Today, she is leading a movement that aims to make organizations more people-centric through the power of design thinking.

Twitter: @NicoleDessain

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ndessain/

Talent Imperative: https://www.talentimperative.com/

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